I help people visualise what they say or think.

I simplify things so that everyone understands.

Attractive. Better to remember.

That will make you happy, and me too!


“With her creative and sharp mind, Julie is able like no other to translate ‘working language’ and ‘corporate culture’ into catchy, clear images.
Her associative ability makes the drawings not only clear, but always with a twist; sometimes sweet, sometimes serious and sharp, sometimes confrontational. But almost always with a touch of humour. Her drawings are a source of inspiration and make difficult matters suddenly understandable.

Julie was also very professional, flexible and patient. Great collaboration!

Sytze van der Aa

For many people, images say more than words. Especially in a time where everything must be quick and clear. Julie makes clear illustrations of complex issues that suit the user/target group so that they are provided with the information quickly and completely. In terms of style she also makes them fit the organisation or target group.

I have already had illustrations made for people with a mild mental handicap, employees in health care and for young people in youth care. I am happy with our cooperation!

Marloes, communication advisor

At the beginning of 2021, the Bouwdynamiek team of the municipality of Amsterdam felt the need to present elaborated policy rules in a more concrete and convenient way. During the creation of a PowerPoint presentation, we discovered that text alone did not have the desired effect. Through the PresentatieArchitect we were brought into contact with Julie. Our expectations were that it would be difficult to get our story across in such a way that it could be captured in a drawing. However, this was no problem at all for Julie. In a very short time and with very short lines of communication, she created a drawing that did justice to our message. We used the drawing in several presentations and with success: the image was very well received by the relevant colleagues. At a glance, our message was clear to the recipient! We therefore had more drawings made for different presentations after that and each time we came up with a nice image that we could put to good use. The drawings make the message clear, well-organised and fun to look at as well!

The different drawings are still being used and have also ensured that the message has stuck well in the organisation.”

Chris Boer, Policy officer Building dynamics team