visual/communication sheet

There are different kind of visuals. Visuals explaining a proces (or multiple), a strategy a vision or visuals triggering a conversation. This category of slides is known by several names. It is a plate, a visual with a story to tell. A visual that invites the viewer to look again and again, to think about the subject, to ask questions and to start conversations.
A visual that shows the red lines, the right balance between text and image.

It is easy to get bogged down in details, to focus on your own team and/or department and thus fail to see the bigger picture. Or the other way around, the vision of the company is too general for a department and a translation is needed that translates the vision of the organisation into a vision for the department.
A visual can help with this, also to show the relationship between them. It gives a team a goal, what do they stand for as a department, as an organisation.

Processes are sometimes very complicated. A visual can bring clarity to them. The process preceding the making of the plate is perhaps even more important than the plate itself. It is important to think carefully about what the process really looks like. The essence, without unnecessary details. Once that is clear, a beautiful plate can be made.

I make every record together with you. I never immediately deliver a final product and I like to think along with you. My goal is to create a record that you can really identify with and use.