Visual recording

You know the situation: from one meeting to another. Your head is full of everything that was (and was not) said. Later on, if someone has contributed, you receive a written memo of that meeting, possibly with an action list, and you keep it somewhere. Until there is a follow-up meeting and you realise, five minutes beforehand, that there was a minute’s note somewhere. What was discussed again?

That can be done differently!

A nice visual report of the meeting. Clear, well-organised and attractive to look at.

During meetings, I draw along: I listen, put out my feelers, ask questions when necessary and convert what comes up into images.

This can be done in two ways:

Digital: live on site or via ZOOM or Teams

Analogue: live on location on paper. Afterwards, a nice digital report is produced which can be shared quickly and easily with the participants and other interested parties.

Analogue: live on location on paper

(I work on a long piece of paper, 1 metre high and 2 to 3 metres wide).

At the end of the session, there is a nice permanent report that can be hung up in the office, for example. I also take a photo of the report, clean it up and send it by e-mail so that it can be shared with the participants and other interested parties.